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Not only are they durable, they are lightweight, easy for my 8 month old to hold. I would highly recommend them to every momma out there. My baby loves the flexy silicone baby bottle, I was exclusive breastfeeding when I introduced him to this bottle when he was 4 months. Also what I like about these bottles is they are easy to clean. Now that I am pregnant with my third baby I will try these bottles again. With the breastfeeding bottle my husband kept not getting the bottom on correctly and spilled milk which was frustrating so I tried other silicone bottle brands but had issues with leaks.

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Baby nipples/teats require high quality and care to ensure no contamination during manufacturing because the product is used directly into the baby’s mouth. To get the certificate of ISI 3565 the companies need to set up a special lab which is quite costly and requires big best baby scale investments. However, ISI already specifies that all the nipples/teats should follow ISI 3565 but the instruction is being ignored by most baby care products manufacturing companies in India. With Chemco’s feat in getting this certification, its customers and private label brands will be benefitted by this.

  • Lifefactory is available for purchase on Amazon and The Natural Baby Company .
  • The type of sterilizer you need depends on how you intend to use it.
  • The super-soft silicone teat has been designed with a flat shape intended to mimic the nipple when breastfeeding.
  • The spiral design of the teat and petals ensure it naturally flexes, so your baby can enjoy an uninterrupted feed.
  • Avoid leaving the nipple in direct sunlight, heat, or disinfectant (“sanitizing solution”) for longer than instructions recommend as this may weaken the nipple.

Another thought is that the altered smell and taste may be related to certain fats in your diet, particularly fish oil or other oil supplements. You may even try to stop eating fish for awhile or withhold fatty acid supplements to see if that helps. This breastmilk is perfectly safe for babies to drink, but some do not like the taste of it.

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Staying in tune and being readily aware of how quickly or slowly your child finishes his or her bottle is very important to ensuring the early health of your infant. However, while this may be recommended, Avent nipple sizes also go to 2 and 3 for a reason. My suggestion is get rid of the bottles its time for sippy cups. Make sure you buy the hard top sippy cups because he will be able to do the same thing w/ the soft tops and the soft top cups make a huge mess they claim they are spill proof but they really aren’t. The make a wonderful variety of sippy cups so buy a few different kinds to find the one he likes. I was using Avent bottles, and I switched out the nipple with the sippy cup tops.

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Ultra-wide baby bottle replacement nipple right here with the right nipple for your baby’s age. You can feed your child safely and more effectively, reducing the danger of choking and the reduce the sore of gums . Hi Brandon, Has she been evaluated for tongue and lip ties? Ties can slow a baby’s ability to drink from a bottle. It could be a nipple size issue too or it could be that she’s not experienced enough to drink faster yet.


No studies have shown that babies have become sick from contamination on the outside of an infant formula container. Also, powdered infant formula is less likely to become contaminated if it stays dry. Avoid using liquid cleaners on infant formula containers to help prevent contaminating powdered formula inside the container.

Therefore, during the first month of life 1-3 ounces of milk per feeding is adequate. If you plan to continue breastfeeding, it’s best to breastfeed as much as possible during this time and not introduce a bottle until 4-6 weeks. The First Flow nipple is made of durable silicone that is ultra-soft, odorless, and flavorless.

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Finally, babies who are six months old and older generally finish the bottle between ten and twenty minutes. Once again, pay attention to the way your baby reacts during and after feeding to see if the feeding is an enjoyable experience for your infant. Infants who are from three to size months old should be finishing the bottle between fifteen and thirty minutes. Some mothers have upgraded from the 1 to the 2 and even the three after their baby is 12 weeks old. Nipple sizes for their breastfed bottles vary depending on where your little one is in their life.